Why Choose M&P?

At M&P O’Sullivan we place the customer at the forefront of our business. Our goal is provide an exceptional service experience, from your interaction with our seasoned sales team to expert order picking to deliveries to suit your requirements. We take great pride in our lasting relationships with customers which have been built on the core values of impeccable service and unbeatable value.

Great customer service

As a 4th generation, family-owned and operated company, our goal is not to become the largest distributor, but be the market’s renowned distributor of choice.

We are dedicated to our customers by providing a unique combination of old school customer service coupled with relevant business solutions focused on your individual business needs.

We look at situations from the customer’s point of view, understanding that real solutions provide the customer with what they need to succeed in their business

Delivery & Logistics

Our fleet of modern multi-temp vehicles enable us to supply customers with all the goods that they require.

We operate a multi-day delivery to all of our customers, offering them the ability to get the right stock at the right time to suit their needs.

We pride ourselves on the highest service levels; our state-of-the-art system allows us live viewing of our stock levels so our sales team can have full visibility of your required order items ensuring you are never caught unaware of unavailable products.


Our experienced telesales team are on hand throughout the day to handle all of your order requirements. They work in conjunction with your dedicated field sales representative to ensure that your orders are delivered as required. In 2015 we invested significantly in our online ordering system.

This enables our customers a quick and easy way to place orders anytime, anywhere. Customers can view a ‘my usual’s’ list to enable them to quickly place orders for reoccurring products. Statements and previous invoices can be easily accessed along with our product file in excess of 10,000 products.