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News & Insight
Essential Cocktail Glassware & Equipment For Any Bar or Restaurant 
  • 22/02/2024
    Essential Cocktail Glassware & Equipment For Any Bar or Restaurant

    Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a bartender serving cocktails, having the right glassware and equipment is key to crafting delicious and eye catching cocktails. 


    From classic highballs and tumblers to sophisticated martinis, the type of glass you use can significantly influence a drink. Having the essential glassware and equipment on hand ensures you can effortlessly whip up cocktails with style and precision.





    What are the glasses you need to able to make the most popular cocktails? 


    Coupé Glass 

    With a rounded bowl and a short stem, the coupé glass is commonly used for serving champagne, champagne cocktails or sophisticated classics like the Sidecar and Daiquiri.


    Misket Coupé Glass

    With the increasing popularity of Aperol Spritz, the Misquet coupe has proven to be a must in your venues glassware. Like an coupe styled glass, it’s rounded bowl and short stem glass, adds a touch of finesse to any cocktail presentation.


    Highball Glass

    Tall and slender, the highball glass is ideal for refreshing cocktails like mojitos, gin and tonics, or a classic Tom Collins.


    Martini Glass

    Iconic and elegant, the martini glass features a long stem and a wide, shallow bowl, perfect for showcasing the clarity and aromas of your martini creations such as a Espresso or French Martini.


    Hurricane Glass

    A distinctive, tall, curvaceous shape that is often associated with tropical and exotic cocktails such as a Hurricane, Mai Tai or a Pina Colada. This glass will make you feel like you should be in sitting on a beach on a caribbean island. 




    What equipment do I need to able to make these cocktails? 



    An essential tool for mixing cocktails, a shaker allows you to blend ingredients thoroughly while chilling the drink. Choose between a classic Boston shaker or a sleek cobbler shaker based on your preference.



    Precision is key in mixology, and a jigger helps ensure accurate measurements of spirits and mixers for perfectly balanced cocktails.



    For cocktails such as mojitos, that require muddling fresh herbs, fruits, or sugar, a sturdy muddler is indispensable for releasing essential oils and flavors.


    Bar Spoon

    Whether stirring cocktails or layering ingredients, a long-handled bar spoon is essential for achieving the perfect mix without over-diluting the drink.



    To ensure a smooth pour and keep ice and muddled ingredients out of your glass, a strainer is essential when transferring cocktails from the shaker to the glass.



    For cocktails requiring fresh citrus juice, a handheld or electric citrus juicer ensures you can extract every last drop of flavor from lemons, limes, and oranges.



    Cocktail Ingredients

    We also sell quality and fresh ingredients needed to make a wide range of cocktails. 


    Fruit | Herbs | SyrupsMixers | Spirits | Liquors | Cordial 



    Check out our new Genware Range for durable and elegant Glassware and Cocktail Equipment 



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